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Artificer Crafting Guide 0-400

If you like the idea of crafting magical implements in Guild Wars 2, you should probably consider playing the game as an artificer. Artificers are craftsmen that produce magical objects.

They play a very important role in Guild Wars 2, supplying guardians, necromancers, and other wielders of magic power with the magical tools they need to do their work.

Advancing as an artificer in Guild Wars 2 is fairly straightforward.

You need to collect the raw materials required to manufacture finished products necessary to allow you to level up. As you progress in the game, you will be asked to craft different tools.

Here is a Guild Wars 2 Artificer Guide overview of how to go about leveling up from level 0 to level 400:

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Just Starting Out: Levels 0 - 50+

Guild Wars 2 Artificer GuideAs a level 50 or less artificer, you need to learn how to craft the following items: crude focus, crude scepter, crude staff, and crude trident.
In order to craft a crude focus, you need to obtain a green focus casing, a green focus core, a small container (vial) of the weak type of blood, a bronze plated inscription, and a green inscription.

There are a total of twelve different variations of crude focus. You will probably become very familiar with all of them.

To craft a crude scepter, the only two new items you need are a green scepter rod and a green scepter core. Here is the recipe for a crude scepter: Green scepter rod + green scepter core + weak type of blood + a bronze plated inscription + a green inscription.

Are you starting to notice a pattern? All the items you will craft between levels 0-50 will be made with vials of weak blood, bronze plated inscriptions, and green inscriptions plus two additional components. The nature of the additional components will depend on what you are crafting.

To make a crude staff, the only two new materials you need are a green staff shaft and a green staff head.

To make a crude trident, the only new materials you need are a green trident head and a bronze trident head.
Once you have completed the required number of crude focuses, crude scepters, crude staffs, and crude tridents, you are ready to advance to the next stage of the game and this Guild Wars 2 Artificer Guide.

Getting More Comfortable: Levels 75 - 125+

At this stage of the game, you will now be making slightly more sophisticated magical objects. You will be working on simple focuses, simple scepters, simple staffs, and simple tridents.
The manufacturing process for all of the above materials uses the following raw materials: soft inscriptions and iron plated inscriptions.

Here are the recipes for all the items (excluding the materials listed above):

1. Focus (the “simple” type): the soft kind of focus casing + soft focus core
2. Simple Scepter: soft scepter rod + soft scepter core
3. Simple Staff: soft staff shaft + soft staff head
4. Simple Trident: non-hard (soft) trident shaft + iron trident head

At this point in the game, you need to be careful and avoid the temptation to give up on crafting all the required objects. However, Crafting is the best way to advance in Guild Wars 2. There’s no real substitute for it.

If you become so bored with crafting that you really need to do something else for a while, try taking a short break from crafting and then get back to it as soon as you can. You will be rewarded for your patience and diligence by leveling up faster. Let’s have a look below inside this Guild Wars 2 Artificer Guide.

Acquiring Expertise: Levels 150 - 200+

You are now ready to start working on some completely new objects: batons and spires. You will still have to work on making focuses and tridents.

You will use an iron imbued inscription in your crafting of all of the above objects. Here are the recipes for the different objects you need to make:

1. Focus (Bandit): soft form of focus casing + soft focus core
2. Baton (Bandit): soft form of scepter rod + soft scepter core
3. Spire (Bandit): soft form of staff shaft + soft shaft head
4. Trident (Bandit): soft form of trident shaft + iron trident head

Once you complete all of the required items, you will be ready to push up to level 225. Hopefully, by this point in the game, crafting is starting to become second nature to you.

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At the Halfway Point: Levels 225 - 275+

You are now done with making batons and spires. It’s time to go back to making just focuses, scepters, tridents, and staffs.

You need to use hard inscriptions and darksteel plated inscriptions when making of all the required items.

Here are the recipes you need to know:

1. Hard Focus: hard focus casing + hard version of focus core
2. Hard Scepter: hard scepter rod + hard version of scepter core
3. Hard Staff: seasoned staff shaft + seasoned staff head
4. Hard Trident: hardened trident shaft + darksteel trident head

Just for your information, “darksteel” is a material in Guild Wars 2 made from platinum ore and primordium. It is much stronger than normal steel but not any heavier.

Almost Done: Levels 300 - 375+

By now, you have completed the majority of the levels you need to finish in order to become a true master artificer. But, you’re not done quite just yet.

You need to make elder focuses, elder scepters, elder staffs, and elder tridents. You will need to use elder plated inscriptions and mithril plated inscriptions when manufacturing all of the above items.

Here is a quick rundown of the recipes you will need to advance:

1. Elder Focus: elder focus casing + elder type of essential core of focus
2. Elder Scepter: elder scepter rod + elder scepter core
3. Elder Staff: elder staff shaft + elder type of Guild Wars 2 staff head
4. Elder Trident: elder trident shaft + mithril trident head

In case you were wondering, “mithril” is a silvery looking metal with magical properties. The writer J.R.R. Tolkien first described it in his books.

The last Level: Level 400+

You are now very close to the finish line. You just need to make enough pearl conchs, pearl rods, pearl quarterstaffs, and pearl tridents, and you will be about done.

All of the items you need to make at this level require the use of orichalcum imbued inscriptions in their manufacture. Here are the recipes you need to know to get ready to finish the game in style:

1. Conch (Pearl): the super old (ancient) type of focus casing + ancient focus core
2. Rod (Pearl): super old scepter rod + ancient scepter core
3. Quarterstaff (Pearl): super old staff shaft + ancient staff head
4. Trident (Pearl): super old trident shaft + orichalcum head

In addition to the above items, there are a few other magical items you may need to work on to finish the game.

Guild Wars 2 is a very complicated game and there are lots of different twists and turns you can take, but if you follow the pattern and Guild Wars 2 Artificer Guide outlined above, you shouldn’t have any problems both enjoying yourself and leveling up quickly.

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