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Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Build – Leveling and Weapons

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist BuildWhenever you desire to play an Elementalist in Guild Wars 2 you have to understand a few important things in order to leveling up as fast as possible and be able to maximize your experience per hour rate dramaticly.

Being able to set up the right Elementalist PvE Build is the first important thing. An Elementalist should be played if you desire to deal an tremendous amount of single target and AoE damage.

Even if the Elementalist is able to deal a large amount of damage, keep in mind that he also dies very quickly if melee enemies are able to hurt you.

It can be a bit confusing finding the right approach for leveling the Elementalist in Guild Wars 2.

Together with this Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Build Guide you will understand how combinations work in order to get your enemies down as fast as possible.

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Elementalist Build – Attunements

#1. Fire

Fire is one of you key attunements if you play an Elementalist. It deals a large amount of damage, plain and simple.

Another great gimmick of the fire attunement is the fact that it burns your foes which is going to deal a good amount of additional damage (Damage over Time). This can be used tactically and to your very own advantage.

Having the ability to predict your enemies moves is important as an Elementalist for the simple reason that you are able to burn some parts of your battlefield, so foes will eventually walk into your targeted area.

Might is one of the key factors in playing a Fire Elementalist Build succesfully. Without Might, you will find yourself in trouble again and again. Bare in mind that Might can be stacked with combinations in order to deal even more damage. We will get more into how to stack your might laters in this Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Build.

#2. Water

Water spells are usefull for healing yourself or your allies. Geyser as example heals allies within a small radius of where you desired to cast the spell.

Some Water spells deal a okay amount of damage, but consider your water attunement as additional support. It’s not worth being used for leveling, but it’s great to support yourself with a good amount of heal if you find yourself in trouble.

However, by having the Water attunement activ you are also able to slow down your foes and regain the power of combat. Water should be used for healing, crowd control and support inside a group.

#3. Air

Air is really good in dealing a good amount of single/AoE damage. Some Air spells are channeled and deal a even larger amount of damage but keep in mind that you are able to move while casting those spells. This can be used to your own advantage.

The real benefit of Air spells shows up when it’s used in conjunction with the Elementalists Arcane Spells, for the reason that they grant swiftness to you and your allies nearby. However, those Spells can also cause Blindness to your foes and blinds them for 5 seconds.

Overall, Air is used to improve your own movement while decreasing those of your enemies.

#4. Earth

Earth casts can be seen as spells in order to increase your Armor. They are some kind of tankish. You will gain access to spells that will either increase your armor or grand you with invulnerablity.

Some earth spells are really usefull in order to survive in combat. Casting a spell like Rock Barrier is always a good choice before starting to move into combat. They also provide you with protection (decrease damage by 33%) and bleed.

All in one, Earth can be seen to be designed in order to enhance your survivablity.

Elementalist Build – Weapon combinations for Leveling

As with all things, there is no right or wrong Weapon combinations to make use of with the Elementalist. What kind of weapon you make use of really depends on your unique gaming style you prefer.

Having a look at scepter and staves, they are both very important and viable in solo play, with each holding certain advantages over the other.

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#1. Scepter/Dagger Rotation

What kind of rotation you are making use of depends on how many enemys you are facing, if any.

With the Scepter/Dagger Build you should start off in the air attunement.

However, you can also cast Rock Barrier before you move into the battle, which is usefull against multiply foes.

Start to use Blinding Flash and combine it with Ride the Lightning.

Cast Ring of Fire while switching to Fire attunement, followed by Dragon’s Tooth and Phoenix. Your next cast should be Fire Grab to increase your burning’s even more.

If your enemies managed to be still alive, make use of the utility skill Arcane Wave which will propaply make them fall to the ground. Anyways, don’t worry about using Earth and Air within combat.

Unless you don’t get into trouble there is no need to make use of healing or defensive abilitys.

The very same rotation can also be used while fighting against larger groups of enemies

#2. Staff Rotation

Whenever Staff is your desired weapon to play with you should keep in mind that, against a single enemy, it’s not necessary to switch attunements. This means you are able to stay with fire while facing a single enemie.

Fireball is one of the most effective sinlge target spell of the Elementalist. Make sure to set it on auto attack and cast Flame Burst whenever you have the chance to.

As a finisher, cast Lava Font and combine it with your utility skill Arcane Wave, providing you with a additional amount of Might afterwards.

Burning Retreat should only be used if you are in trouble and really need to get away.

While playing against a larger group of enemies you need to change your rotation strategy a little bit. Start within the Fire tree, cast Lava Font followed by Flame Burst. Throw a few fireballs in before your foes get too close.

While playing against a group of ranged Attackers start to cast Magnetic Aura followed by Eruption. Start switching over to Air if you need some heal, casting Frozen Ground which is followed by Healing Rain.

While you are playing together with a group of friends you propaply want to switch more often to Air attunement for the simple reason that the amount of AoE healing is really worth the effort.

Here you go. You should now have a better clue about what kind of Elementalist build and rotation you should make use of in order to sucessfully level up your Elementalist in Guild Wars 2.

Also realize that you will spent most of the time while soloing within the Fire Attunement. However, this Elementalist Build is also called “The Glass Cannon Build” – The most simple and effectiv Way to level up your Elementalist in Guild Wars 2.

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