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Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Build Guide: Power, Skills and Weapons

Do you need help in handling one of the most complicated professions in Guild Wars 2? If you need guidance and secret tips on how to be the most successful Mesmer around, then get a load of this one – trust us, this Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Guide isn’t an ordinary illusion!

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Leveling BuildMost players dismiss the profession of being a Mesmer mostly because they are not used to hearing of it.

After all, most players go into Guild Wars 2 with the hopes of fighting enemies using destructive weapons and awesome combative styles – they mistakenly think that being a Mesmer is going to be a boring one.

How wrong this kind of thinking is!

Being a Mesmer is one of the most advanced professions in Guild Wars 2. When you choose to be a Mesmer, you are given the chance to experiment with illusions and play with the minds of your enemies – how amazing would this be, right?

Now, now, before you go and choose the profession altogether out of pure excitement, you still need to be objective as well: are you 100% sure that you do have what it takes to be a powerful Mesmer? Check out the appropriate Mesmer descriptions as follow.

You can be a Mesmer if:

  • You’re perfectly comfortable with playing solo because you can summon additional help anyway.
  • You take pride in your ability to summon illusions that can confound and disable your enemies.
  • You don’t mind the fact that you need to exert more effort into making this profession work since it’s considered to be quite advanced.
  • You thrive on the possibility that you have the power to deal an extremely huge damage to your enemies once you have mastered this profession. As such, you’re patient and dedicated to obtaining mastery.
  • You love being in control. You want to experience being able to navigate yourself through the enemy mobs by giving the most damage to your enemies and accepting the least amount of damage from them.

Do the above descriptions sound like you? Then go and throw your conventional combat beliefs into the air and join the select champions into the profession of being a Mesmer!

The Mesmer’s Power and Its Overview

It’s so wonderful to have a mighty Mesmer on board. Congratulate yourself on a job well done by patting yourself on the back. As a Mesmer, the most important mechanic that you have to be aware of is your Power.

Just like in the Thief profession, the Mesmer profession also values Power over Precision. A raw but huge damage is still much better than a critical but small damage. Therefore, during the whole leveling process, your priority is to get all your items with as high enough power as you can get them. Focusing on this task can make your leveling up as easy and as fast as it can be!

The Best Weapons Leveling Build for a Mesmer in Guild Wars 2: Greatsword and Staff

Before we tackle the actual weapons, it’s better if we talk about the two types of Illusions first. After all, your bread and butter during combat as a Mesmer will be your ability to summon Illusions. Simply speaking, your Illusions can either be Clones or Phantasms:

  • Clones: These look exactly like you and these also display your name – most of the time, Clones are summoned to distract and confuse your enemy so you can either prepare a more damaging attack or get away from the scene.
  • Phantasms: These look like you as well but they have a transparent purple glow to them so that you can differentiate them from Clones. They also have higher health and have greater chances of dealing larger damage as compared to Clones.

Now that the issue of Illusions has been settled, let’s move forward to the best Weapons for a Mesmer, then? Like most professions in Guild Wars 2, you also have the ability to swap between two Weapons while fighting when you’re already in Level 7.

A lot of combination sets exist for the Mesmer, but if you really want to have the best of the best, then we suggest you go with these Weapons two instead:

  • Greatsword: Yes, the Greatsword is usually categorized as a melee Weapon. However, if you’re skilled enough, you can actually use it as a ranged Weapon to your advantage. Keep in mind that as you begin, you actually won’t have a Greatsword – you’ll have a Scepter instead. Therefore, upon passing the Tutorial, sell your trivial items to one Merchant and avail of a 50 Copper Coin Greatsword to start you with.

Here are the Greatsword’s special descriptions: Mesmer Greatsword Build

As a plan of attack, you would typically be using the following combos:

  1. Spatial Surge: Leave this to auto-cast and be far away to deal more damage.
  2. Mirror Blade: Once the enemy comes close, use this to deal bouncing damage and create a Clone.
  3. Phantasmal Berserker: When dealing with a lot of enemies, cripple them with this.
  4. Illusionary Wave: When the going gets tough, this knock-back that has frontal Area of Effect helps you temporarily push back all your enemies in front of you.

Another useful tip to help you finish off your enemies is to consistently use Mind Wrack (F1, by default). This is a Shatter ability that destroys all your Clones & Phantasms in order to damage nearby enemies. Talk about self-destructive combat! Are you feeling the thrill yet?

  • Staff: As a two-handed Weapon, the Staff creates a lot of condition damages that are potentially dangerous to your enemies. Use it to your best advantage.  

To get you familiar with it, here are the Staff’s detailed descriptions:

Staff Build

Here is a simpler explanation of each Skill as applied during your combat:

  1. Winds of Chaos: Deals with an extra bounce so it’s highly beneficial if you have allies with you – gives help to friends and danger to enemies.
  2. Phase Retreat: Creates a Staff Clone that do condition damage and get you out of harm’s way at the same time.
  3. Phantasmal Warlock: This one’s a powerful one that gives you and your Illusions the ability to cast Wind of Chaos. It deals extra damage to your enemies as well.
  4. Chaos Armor: This gives you ample defense and ample reinforcement whenever your enemies hit you.
  5. Chaos Storm: This Area of Effect is wonderful as it can help damage your enemy. Be sure to stand IN for the buffs and use your leap skills such as your Phase Retreat or Illusionary Leap so that you can get a free Chaos Armor as well.

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Some of the conditional damages that you can inflict to your enemies are through poisoning, blinding, bleeding and crippling them. Also, the boons that you get from using these combos are especially valuable as their levels can range anywhere from Level 1 to Level 80 – talk about a double punch!

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Skill Build (Healing, Utility and Elite Skills)

The Mesmer’s Skills are especially suited to this particular profession because these Skills allow you, the Mesmer, to use them during playing the game. However, for you to be able to level up more conveniently and venture the world with ease, just like with every other aspect, you need to be well-informed first of their specifics before you apply them in virtual combat.

Let’s first tackle the Healing Skills:

  • Mantra of Recovery

- If we take leveling considerations into matter, this Healing Skill is much more preferred as compared to the other two. The reason for this is because this can instantly heal you if you were able to charge it prior to being used. However, it takes too long for this Skill to be recharged when you’re in combat so you better keep this in mind when using.

  • Ether Feast

- Yes, this one’s a great Healing Skill when we consider the abilities that it can bring you. However, one of its disadvantages is that you need to have multiple Illusions in order for you to maximize its healing power. Also, since you will be working fairly closely with Illusions, this Healing Skill can be quite complicated if you haven’t mastered it yet. Keep in mind that this also has the longest cool down among the three of them so better use it wisely!

  • Mirror

- As the neutral-ranking Skill, this reflects projectiles in order to keep you out of harm’s way. Its use is quite situational, too, so take proper observation of your surroundings first before resorting to it.

Keep in mind that dodging attacks can help you reduce the damage that you get. Obviously, if you see your enemy preparing to attack you, dodge him! After all, you’re wearing light armor so you better take advantage of it, right?

The next Skill set that you should be able to master is the Utility Skills set. Keep in mind that the following are hand-picked in order to give you the most notable Skills that you can use for faster leveling up:

  • Signet of Inspiration

- Passively, this provides you with a random boon for your benefit every 10 seconds. Upon activation, this can also copy all your boons and give them to your allies for their benefits as well.

  • Mirror Images

- This one is particularly useful in the case of emergencies because it can help you deal with attacks by creating Clones to handle them for you. Obviously, this Utility Skill can help you out in sticky situations where you just can’t afford being hit.

  • Decoy

- When things take a turn for the worse, this particular Skill is right at your disposal. It’s a bit similar to Mirror Images in a way that both can be used as backup distraction – however, this one’s different since this can put you into stealth mode while creating a Clone to attack your target enemy. This one’s useful especially when you’re into leveling faster and recovering easier.

To save the best for last, here are the three Elite Skills that are available for your Mesmer profession. Keep in mind that in our Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Guide, we will be focusing on the overview of each Elite Skill in relation to possible combative situations that you may encounter:

  • Time Warp

- Prepare this one for Boss fights. This one provides you and all your allies Quickness which can speed up all your actions by 200%. For example, if you used to take 10 seconds to Rally, when you’re already given the Quickness boon, you would only take 5 seconds instead!

  • Moa Morph

- If you’re fighting trash mobs, have this one ready. The simple action of this Skill is that it helps you turn your single enemy into a potentially harmless Moa Bird. Also, this can prevent your damaged enemy from healing so that you can instantly finish him off.

  • Mass Invisibility

- This can provide you and your allies the Stealth that you need – but the duration will only be 5 seconds. Basically, use this to sneak up on your enemies and attack them while they least expect it. You can also reset a fight by using this to make you and your Illusions invisible. This is quite a handy one if you don’t like where the fight’s direction is headed into.

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