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Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build – Leveling Tips To The Huntsmen

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build LevelingThe Ranger is probably one of the most interesting but also complex Profession you can choose within Guild Wars 2.

They first seem to be kinda boring because a ranged hunter that rely’s on his pet only doesn’t seem like a big deal.

But soon you’ll realize that the Ranger in Guild Wars 2 has a lot more to offer, as example supportive skills, melee damage and a lot of pet diversity.

Remember that there are only two ways this profession can be played in Guild Wars 2: As melee or ranged.

We’ve made our own experience with the Ranger and are well prepared to share our informative knowledge related to Leveling up the Hunter in Guild Wars 2, fastest time possible. Read below to have a look at the best Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build for PvE leveling.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build – Weapon Choice for Leveling

At first you have to know that the Ranger can make use of different weapons such as two-handed, dual-wield, one-handed aswell as Ranged Weapons like a Shortbow. Having the ability to switch between two weapon set’s is what makes him really strong.

Let’s have a look at those Weapon combinations below:

  • Longbow
  • Greatsword
  • Shortbow
  • Axe + Warhorn
  • Axe + Dagger
  • Axe + Torch
  • Axe + Axe
  • Sword + Warhorn
  • Sword + Axe
  • Sword + Dagger
  • Sword + Torch

Normally we would consider to go for a Weapon combination that provides the Ranger with a lot of AoE and burst damage. However, within this Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build we have to look for alternatives that can give a good amount of survivability and mobility.

Our focus within this Guild Wars 2 Ranger Leveling Build have to be on improved pets, dodging and mobility. Since the Hunter is able to deal a great amount of damage with any weapon it’s not bad to go for more survivability instead of AoE and burst Damage.

When it comes down to combat our concern is weapon versatility. It seems like a really good idea for most people to equip a combination of ranged weapons, especially if you make use of pets like the bear (tank).

While doing so, you’ll soon realize that you are forced to make use of low-damage pets, secondly you really need to spend a significant amount of skill points to increase the value of your pet.

Last but not least you will also have trouble escaping difficult situations or escape out of melee combat.

So, what we really need is a weapon combination of a short and long-range weapon in order to be efficient in melee, aswell as in range combat.

Remember that we want to equip weapons that give us a great amount of mobility and the ability to escape out of difficult situations. However, we also want to be able to handle a group pack of enemies, so we can proceed even faster.

Ranger Build for Leveling – Weapons and Combinations

There are several reasons why we should go with the Shortbow, within this Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build, as our primary weapon. The first thing is the Shortbow is a really fast weapon.

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Second reason, it has Range – Maybe not the range of an Longbow but it provides us with a good amount of mobility and efficiency, aswell as the ability to escape out of melee combat very quick.

Another great point that has to be said is that the Shortbow inflict all of the conditions we need in order to be more efficient.

Stun, Poison, Swiftness, Blood, Daze – there’s nothing better for mobility out there.

Keep in mind to make use of the Shortbow successfully you have to explore a advanced play tactic.

As an example, to make successful usage of the Bleed condition your auto-attack inflict your enemie with you need to position yourself behind or beside your foe. Keep in mind, positioning is everything.

As a secondary weapon we go with the warhorn. The reason is simple and easy – It’s called “Call of the Wild”. No other skill in the Ranger’s arsenal can fill a void quite efficient like Call of the Wild.

It increases our damage and mobility for 15 seconds out of every 35. Also keep in mind that all of your allies will receive the additional benefits of your bonuses.

Shortbow and Sword/Warhorn is definitely the Ranger Leveling Build we want to go for.

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Build – Rotations

Start off with the Sword/Warhorn combination, cast Call of the Wild and then immediately switch over to your Shortbow. You will now enter every battle with a additional amount of boons.

After doing so we want to inflict our enemie with the Bleeding condition so start using Crippling Shot right away. As funny as it sounds, Crippling Shot also inflicts crippling.

Now, that your enemie is focused fighting your pet, get yourself positioned behind or beside your enemie. Start to damage your foe with Crossfire. Make use of Concussive Shot if you belief they’re about to turn around and focus you.

By doing so, you will regain the advantage and be able to damage them even more with Crossfires.

Ranger Utility Skills

Keep in mind that playing an Ranger isn’t as easy as playing an Warrior but, with the right Guide and knowledge, this Profession can be mastered easily. If you still don’t use the Shortbow – Sword / Warhorn combination, that we highly recommend, go visit a Vendor and get yourself a new Weapon Set before moving on.

6. Heal as One; Heal yourself and your Pet

7. Quickening Zephyr

8. Signet of Stone; Improves toughness for you and your pet. – Your pet takes no damage from attacks while activated.

9. Signet of the Wild; Grants health regeneration to your and your pet – Reinforces pet defense.

10. Rampage as One; Activates Rampage with your pet, gaining stability, swiftness and fury. You and your pet grand each other might when you attack.

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