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Thief Build Guide: Power, Skills and Weapons

 If you chose the profession of being a Thief in today’s Guild Wars 2 adventure, be sure to be ready and be sure to prepare with all your might! Being a Thief isn’t as easy as you think. Luckily, you have this Guild Wars 2 Thief Guide to partner with you along your journey. Carry on, elusive Thief!

Guild Wars 2 Thief GuideThieves are one of the most coveted professions in Guild Wars 2.

The reason for this is maybe because thieves are highly resented in real life, being a Thief in the virtual life may seem like a breath of fresh air.

The life of a thief seems mysterious, thrilling and fun – a lot of people would want to experience the perks without being punished in real life.

After all, being involved in an exciting game is a form of escapism from reality, don’t you think so?

However, just like all the other professions, being a Thief is not suitable for just about anyone. Sure, you can choose to be a Thief but if you’re not compatible with the profession, then, you won’t be a highly successful one. Therefore, in order for you to ensure success halfway, be sure to meet the needed qualifications.

You can be a Thief if:

  • You enjoy the rush you get from being able to sneak up on an enemy.
  • You don’t mind fighting one-on-one; in fact, you seem to prefer it over multiple combats
  • You can be able to control different fighting styles and use them accordingly to your advantage
  • You love mastering combination tricks and dealing huge amounts of damages to your enemies

If you strongly believe that these qualifications define you, then go and embrace the inner Thief within you now!

The Thief’s Power and Its Overview

 Congratulations, Thief! Let’s get started. Your most important mechanic is actually your Power, not your Precision. I know what you’re thinking: shouldn’t you invest more in obtaining Precision instead of Power?

After all, you will be involved in sneaking up on your enemies so your precision should be spot-on, right?

This kind of thinking is actually incorrect. Nothing will be effective enough for you unless you have a high enough Power. Think of the Power as your battery – if it’s not powered enough, all your other mechanics will be rendered useless!

Therefore, choose Power over Precision first. Dealing huge amounts of raw damage is definitely better than dealing a small critical damage.

The Best Weapons for a GW2 Thief Build: Pistol and Dagger

When you are a Thief at Level 7, you are given the awesome chance to have 2 Weapon Sets that you can swap while out or in a combat. Keep in mind that swapping has a 15-second cool down duration before you can swap again. Regardless, the fact that you have 2 Weapon Sets is pretty advantageous, right? Score!

Below are the two combination sets that are suggested for the Thief profession in Guild Wars 2. It’s best for you to use these two for easier and faster leveling up in GW2.

  • Pistol/Pistol: Pistol in the Main Hand & Pistol in the Offhand

Check out the detailed Skills of this killer Weapon combination: Thief Build Skills

    • Use Pistol/Pistol for:
      • Sneaking out of enemy’s range of attack
      • Bringing down stubborn Veterans
      • Completing Skill challenges by yourself
      • Defending yourself and damaging your enemy at the same time
    • Typically, you would use:
      • Unload – use this as much as possible; this takes advantages of both your pistols so it’s highly advantageous.
      • Vital Shot – use this when you’re out of Initiative; this usually deals the final blow.
      • Headshot – use this when your enemy is a Caster; this stops whatever your enemy is planning to Cast on you.
      • Black Powder – use this when dealing with multiple enemies.
  • Dagger/Dagger: Use Dagger in the Main Hand and Dagger in Offhand as well

Check out the detailed dagger build descriptions below: GW2 Thief Dagger Build

    • Use Dagger/Dagger for:
      • Dealing with your enemy in a close confrontational fight
      • Inflicting large amounts of damage towards a single enemy
      • Practicing your dodging moves
      • Getting cheap thrill from damaging your enemy within a close range
    • Typically, you would be making use of the following combination attacks below:
      • Steal – if you’re still in the process of picking your target, it’s advisable for you to use this one to get closer to your enemy. You will be fighting close-range anyway.
      • Cloak and Dagger – this stabs your enemy immediately and hides you from his view. Pretty convenient, don’t you think so?
      • Backstab – while you are still in Stealth mode, an option to use Backstab will be showed to you. Use this one to deal double the damage by attacking the enemy from behind.
      • Heartseeker – Obviously, after dealing considerable damage, your enemy must have lost a lot of health already. Finish him off by using this Skill since this one proves to be more effective if your enemy is more damaged. After dealing with this particular enemy, move on to other enemies if you have them.

Using these two Weapon build combinations is bound to help you master the art of Thievery well!

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Guild Wars 2 Thief’s Skills (Racial, Healing, Utility and Elite Skills)

The Thief’s Skills in GW2 are highly commendable because they allow the user to move around and venture on the journey without causing a lot of hassle. Because of this, most users favor the Thief profession.

However, it’s not enough for you to be highly favorable of the Skill – you need to master each Skill to be able to wield them in specific situations! Mastery begins with knowledge so get yourself equipped with this Guild Wars 2 Thief Guide for Skills.

Let’s start with the Racial Skills. These are Skills specific for every race.

  • Racial Skills:
    • Charr
      • Artillery Barrage – works great when you’re stuck with the responsibility of saving your group
      • Charrzooka – any profession will benefit from this Skill; use it to deal a lot of damage even if you’re far away
    • Asura
      • Summon 7 Series & Summon D Series – these Skills help you defend yourself and damage your enemies simultaneously; use them when you are in desperate need of surviving
    • Human
      • Reaper of Grenth & Hounds of Balthazar – just like in any other profession, these Skills prove to be useful to the Thief as well; deal huge amounts of destruction by using these two
    • Norn
      • Become the Wolf – this will increase your survivability since this gives you a life leech skill to help you by preying on other targets
      • Become the Snow Leopard – this Skill is the best one suited for Thieves because it helps you become invisible to bypass the monsters that you don’t really want to encounter
    • Sylvari
      • Any skill – all work well with the Thief profession. Have fun choosing!

The next one will be Healing Skills that are crucial for you to handle life-and-death situations.

  • Healing Skills:
    • Signet of Malice – This recommended Healing Skill can give you consistent healing even while you’re attacking. Remember our suggestion of using the Pistol/Pistol Weapon combination? Use that in partnership with Signet of Malice to deal huge damage and maintain a safe Health record all the time.
    • Hide in Shadows – If you’re in need of the Regeneration and Stealth boon, use this one to provide them for you. At the same time, this helpful Skill also gives you the ability to cure all your Burn, Poison and Bleeding conditions. This is a particularly useful Skill but keep in mind that its cool down is twice as long as the other Healing Skills. Use wisely but sparingly.
    • Withdraw – This is a nifty Skill that evades attacks towards you and heals you at the same time. Also, if ever you’re immobilized, chilled or crippled, using Withdraw can help you remove all these conditions. If you need to be on the go all the time, take advantage of this Skill as you go.

For faster leveling up, here are the top three best Utility Skills that you should include in your Skills vault.

  • Utility Skills:
    • Roll of Initiative – You can gain adequate Initiative as you evade attacks backwards.
    • Assassin Signet – You can passively increase your Power to directly increase your amount of damage to your enemy.
    • Blinding Power – Defend yourself with this Skill. Also, this saves you the trouble of walking back from the nearest Waypoint.

And lastly, let’s move on to discussing the Elite Skills that you should invest in.

  • Elite Skills:
    • Thieves Guild – Summon 2 additional Thieves that can attack any enemy in sight. You can’t control them per se but at least they’re already equipped with the knowledge to attack your foes. You can also use this Skill to distract your enemies long enough for you to escape properly.
    • Basilisk Venom – This Skill is highly situational so use it only when your current status calls for it. Its ability is to mainly turn your enemy into stone for 1 second. Also, usage of it is a bit difficult to master because of the issue with the timing. Keep in mind, however, that the cool down of this Skill is only 45 seconds so that’s a positive aspect.
    • Dagger Storm – If you’re stuck in a large scale battle, this one is fairly useful to help you block all the attacks toward you and project these attack towards your enemies instead. The best part about this Skill is that you can still use it while you’re on the go.

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