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Guild Wars 2 Warrior Build – Leveling, Skills, Weapons and Rotation

GW2 Warrior Leveling BuildInside this Article we want to share our informativ knowledge about the Warrior in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2.

As you know, Leveling is a important aspect of every MMORPG and it can be really time consuming figuring out the right Warrior Build, Set of Skills and Rotations to play with, in order to maximize your experience rate.

While you may want to enjoy a bit more of the story in Guild Wars 2 aswell as spent your time on other things, such as crafting, spending time with friends online, dungeons and ingame Events, it can be really confusing figuring out the right Warrior build.

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Remember, together with the right warrior build and weapon combinations you can save a lot of time especially when it comes down to Leveling. However, take a look below for our approach on the Guild Wars 2 Warrior Build.

#1. Introduction to the Warrior in Guild Wars 2

In Guild Wars 2, the warriors are the Weapon Masters and can’t be beaten in physical strategys. The Warrior makes use of power, speed and durability and is, through really heavy armor, able to stand a great amount of damage.

Most times you can see a warrior wielding a big greatsword but he has also the ability to deal a tremendous amount of damage by long range via Rifle or Longbow.

The Warrior profession in general has been implemented in MMORPG’s since the dawn of gaming. However, in Guild Wars 2 the warrior doesn’t play differently then in any other Online Game except that he can make use of ranged weapons such as a Bow or Rifle.

#2. Adrenaline and burst ability

While playing the Warrior it should be your goal to accumulate Adrenaline whenever you are in combat. This Adrenaline can be gained through attacking your enemies, but there are also a few different traits you can make use of in order to gain even more adrenaline or by simply receiving damage.

If you manage to charge up 3 bars of Adrenaline, the damage of your warriors burst skill is even more powerful. Having a look at the one-handed Mace as example, their special skill is called “Skull Crack”.

This ability stuns a single enemy and can be improved even further by charging up a warrior Adrenaline. However, if the Adrenaline would be at level 3, the stun would last for almost 2 seconds.

Warrior Build Skills for LevelingAs you can see inside the list above, taken from the official GW2 Wiki, every single Weapon has a different Burst Skill that the Warrior in Guild Wars 2 can make use of.

Those Burst skills are even more powerful and have a greater impact on enemies if enough Adrenaline has been build up.

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#3. Guild Wars 2 Warrior Build – Weapons for Leveling

As a Warrior there are many options which kind of weapons to wield, some are even more situational then others. Remember that a Rifle is better dealing a tremendous amount of damage to a single enemie, while the Longbow is better used for destroying larger groups of foes (AoE).

Greatsword – The Greatsword is definitly the number one choice for a warrior. It can handle multiple enemies and is really usefull for larger packs that fight against the warrior in melee range, for the simple reason that every attack is able to hit multiple enemies just like an AoE.

Rifle – The Rifle is suggested to be the Warriors ranged weapon in order to be able to face Veteran Enemys and make use of the Weapon switch which comes together with Level 7.

Being able to kite enemies while dealing a good amount of damage is really useful and should not be overlooked.

#4. Guild Wars 2 Warrior Build – Leveling

For a Warrior, leveling together with wielding a Greatsword is propaply the fastest way to progress in Guild Wars 2, easy and simple. It provides a lot of great DPS aswell as a good amount of AoE damage when it comes down to facing multiple enemies.

Please bare in mind that we recommend, inside this Guild Wars 2 Warrior Build, to focus on having a good amount of Crit Chance which goes very well together with the large damage of the warriors Greatsword.

Below you can take a look at all the warriors Greatsword skills in Guild Wars 2, which has been taken by the official Guild Wars 2 Wiki:

Warrior Greatsword Build

#5. Rotation with the Warrior Build

Here are a few suggestions how the warrior, together with the Greatsword, can be played.

A typical fight would start with the greatsword ability Rush or Whirlwind Attack as an opener, making use of hundred Blades afterwards, to deal a tremendous amount of damage to your enemies, and finish off with the basic Greatsword strike.

The Rotation doesn’t change at all wheter you are fighting a single target or larger groups.

#6. Greatsword Skill explanations

Bladetrail – A ranged weapon attack which throws your greatsword on your targeted enemie and causes cripple condition.
Rush – Rush is best used as an opener or to finish fleeing enemys for the reason that it is similar to the WoW Warriors “Charge”.
Whirlwind Attack – Like the name says, a Whirlwind attack which grants you mobility and the ability to slash anything in your path.
Hundred Blades – One of the most important and powerful skills the warrior can make use of in Guild Wars 2. Someone should make sure to always use this kind of attack if available.This attack is channeled and deals a tremendous amount of damage to enemys. While the simple fact that you can’t move while channeling makes the ability some kind of useless in PvP, it’s even more powerful in PvE.

#7. Utility Skills of the Guild Wars 2 Warrior Build

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Leveling Build Skills

6. Healing Signet; Grands Regeneration and can heal yourself for a large amount of Health.

7.Signet of Might; Improves Power – Gain’s might while activated

8. Signet of Fury; Improves precision – Gain’s adrenaline while activated

9. Dolyak Signet; Reduces incoming Damage – Gain’s stability while activated

10. Signet of Rage; Grants Adrenaline – Gain’s fury, might and swiftness while activated.


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