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Discover Your Favorite Profession With The Guild Wars 2 Class Guide

Guild Wars 2 Class GuideIn Guild Wars 2, classes refer to the profession of a player. However, Guild Wars 2 has a total of 8 classes.

It is important to note that class choices are permanent thus when you choose a certain class, you won’t be able to switch to another class.

It is however possible to test out all classes at the end of the game. You can do this by creating a new character and playing around using the World vs. World game mode. In this game mode, you automatically reach level 80 and you are allowed to login and play the game anytime regardless of your location around the world.

It is always a good idea to try out all the 8 classes at least once before you can start leveling because it gives you an idea on which profession is better than the other.

Guild Wars 2 Class Guide Tips

As mentioned above, Guild Wars 2 has 8 classes. Below is a description of each class equipped with some guidelines and tips to help you have an idea of what to expect.

1. Guardian: This class is characterised by heavy use of tanks. The Guardian class uses heavy armour. The skills of this profession are more defensive. It is therefore very hard to kill and deal much damage to enemies.

2. Warrior: The warrior is also a heavy armour class but he’s different from the Guardian class in that that he can deal much more damage. The class is however not as durable but the damage alone speaks words.

You’ll soon realize that the most effective weapon of an warrior is his Greatsword but he has also the capability to focus on dual-wielding two axes aswell as equiping a bow/rifle.

3. Engineer: This Guild Wars 2 class uses medium/moderate armour. The survivability is also moderate which can be improved to high survivability using certain skills i.e. self healing skills).

The primary abilities of this class are considered weak from an offensive view. The Engineer class relies more on creation of turrets to deal damage. It is important to note that this profession has very impressive healing capabilities.

4. Thief: This class is a medium offensive armour class. The thief is capable of both ranged and melee combat.

Thief’s are mostly considered less effective in melee combat compared to the warrior class because it relies on dagger and subterfuge in the melee range to deal damage. He is however effective from range in terms of dishing out big damage using a pistol.

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5. Ranger: The Ranger is the last medium-armour profession. This class primarily relies on pets and ranged attacks to deal damage.

Despite the use of pets, the Ranger is effective in dealing damage from a distance. It is therefore a good class choice for players who want ranged specialists for World vs. World game mode.

6. Elementalist: This character uses light armour and relies on air, earth, fire and water skills to deal damage. The Elementalist class has decent healing capabilities however it is not the ultimate healing profession.

He is offensive in nature compared to other classes in terms of damage-dealing. One of the biggest strength of the Elementalist is the ability to deal a large amount of damage. It is however important to note that the Ele can’t take much damage from enemies.

This is compensated by high movement and escape skills and also traits for avoiding damage.

7. Necromancer: The Necromancer class is similar to Necromancer and Warlock archetypes common in many other games similar to Guild Wars 2.

The Necromancer relies heavily on life drains and shadowy attacks. This profession is less mobile but a bit beefier than the Elementalist although both are light armour characters.

8. Mesmer: Mesmer’s are also light armour characters. This Guild Wars 2 class relies on two types of illusions namely clones and phantasms to deal damage to enemies. Phantasms are simply ghost-like pets which have very powerful offensive skills.

Clones on the other hand are less powerful however they help in confusing other players and enemies because they look exactly like the Mesmer. Clones are very effective in tricking enemies to attack them instead of you.

Although the Mesmer class is a light armour class, the existence of Phantasms and clones makes him interesting to play.

In summary, this Guild Wars 2 Class Guide gave you a overview of all professions but which one you choose should be based on your own game play style. It is possible to level effectively using any of the above 8 classes. Your focus should therefore be on getting the most out of the class you choose.

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